ARABIC LANGUAGE GRAMMAR (لغتي الجميلة للنحو)

Do you wish to study extra about Quranic Arabic grammar? When you’re evaluating Arabic grammar programs on-line, Quraan Learn provides extremely skilled Azhar students who will train you the grammatical constructs of the Arabic language that will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the best way to assemble sentences and the precise guidelines behind making use of motions. Upon completion, college students could have a superior mastery of the Arabic language and the power to converse with Arabic audio system in addition to acquire a extra thorough understanding of spiritual and historic texts.


Designed with students from Al-Azhar College, My Lovely Language Grammar focuses on understanding the fundamental structural parts of the Arabic language from letters, phrases to sentences, and the way construction pertains to motions.

The syllabus is split into three ranges that present a strong background in Arabic grammar.

The next chart gives a synopsis of the construction and targets of the syllabus.

Arabic Studies Structure

My Beatiful Language Arabic



Is a course on Arabic grammar just for learners? No. Even those that know learn how to learn, write and communicate Arabic can battle with the numerous advantageous factors, particulars and exceptions within the language. Like several language, Arabic provides a wealthy canvas of phrases, phrases, sayings and metaphors for individuals who can absolutely comprehend its depth.

Understanding this depth and the foundations of the language symbolize a difficult process for non-native audio system. Nevertheless, the rewards of higher mastery can final a lifetime. Arabic grammar classes not solely assist to hone understanding of the language, however additional your relationship with pals, household, colleagues and most significantly, your religion. In any case, finding out Arabic grammar for Quran, or Quran grammar, can enhance your comprehension and evaluation of this holy e book that will help you higher perceive every revelation delivered from Allah to the Prophet (PBUH).


Clearly, the primary requirement for Arabic grammar classes is that it’s essential to be capable to learn, write and converse in Arabic. In case you’re fluent, you’ll be in an amazing place to enhance in your current expertise. In case you’re simply partially fluent, our instructors will help you perceive primary ideas in Arabic grammar for novices earlier than shifting on to superior linguistics and extra advanced sentence formation.



Singular Demonstrative Pronouns (This, That)
Masculine and Feminine
Numbers (11-100)
Types of Words (Verb, Nouns, Prepositions)
Present, Past, Future Tenses
Simple Sentence Formulation
Personal Pronouns
Location Adverbs and Directions
Dual Forms
Dual Demonstrative Pronouns
Plural Demonstrative Pronouns (e.g. they)
Interrogative Pronouns
Imperative Verbs
Verb Pronoun Composition
Word Roots
Subjective and Objective Nouns
The Kan Verb
Preferential Form
Conditional Statements
Circumstantial Clause
Advanced Preferential Forms
Passive Forms
Simplified Metaphors

If this listing appears overwhelming, don’t fear. Our instructing employees and tutors have helped numerous folks study Arabic fundamental grammar and likewise superior grammar. For the reason that best option to study any language (from the easy phrases to the complicated sentence construction) is to be immersed in a completely fluent atmosphere, you might have the benefit of studying from our instructors in an environment with out stress or urgency.

Our extremely expert instructors — educated on the prestigious Al-Azhar Collegemight help you higher study Arabic grammar in several dialects that you should use to converse with the half-billion folks on the earth who converse Arabic as a primary or second language. They’ll additionally aid you contextualize what you’re studying with world occasions, folks and developments.


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