FIQH ESSENTIALS (أساسيات الفقة)

Looking for on-line Fiqh programs? Fiqh is Islamic jurisprudence and means information about Islamic authorized rulings based mostly on deriving them from genuine sources. Our Fiqh classes present a simplified but in-depth look into all issues of life. The course is particularly designed to cowl the necessities that each Muslim little one and grownup ought to know.

Throughout his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad interpreted and defined the Quran and hadiths to Muslims. After his dying, Muslims wanted to have the ability to interpret the phrases of Allah and his messenger. Recording and documenting the phrases of the Prophet was step one. Fiqh entails decoding Islamic sources of data, explaining and sharing them with Muslims in order that they will absolutely embrace their faith.

Fiqh draws from four primary sources:

  1. • The Quran
  2. • Hadiths, or quotes of the Prophet
  3. • Al-Ijmaa’, or scholarly consensus
  4. • Qiyas, or drawing parallels between issues that have Al-Ijmaa’ and issues that do not have Al-Ijmaa’

There are different schools of Fiqh in Islam. While they share many of the same rulings, they may differ on specific interpretations of certain hadiths, Quran verses and how they apply Qiyas. The schools of Fiqh are named after the jurists who preached their teaching. The four primary schools are Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi’ and Hanbali.


Designed by students from Al-Azhar College, Fiqh Necessities covers key points of the religion that each Muslim ought to know, together with:

  • • Body purification
  • • Cleansing rituals like ablution (wudu’), ghusi and tayammum
  • • Prayer and supplication
  • • Zakah, or the giving of alms
  • • Fasting
  • • Hajj and umrah, pilgrimages to Mecca


In search of a Hanafi Fiqh on-line course? Our Fiqh on-line class covers matters from the views of all main colleges of Fiqh: Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi and Hanbali. At QuraanLearn, we attempt to provide our college students the chance to grasp Islam and embrace their religion extra deeply by studying extra about it. Our skilled, high-quality instructors will work with you at common intervals that will help you study and observe Arabic, examine the Quran and discover the weather of Fiqh.

Our lessons are supplied 24/7, which implies you’re certain to discover a time that may match into your schedule. Our interactive video periods allow you to obtain speedy suggestions out of your tutor, who will assist encourage and assist you. Lastly, our instructing supplies have been created by professional Arabic audio system and Quran students and are designed to ship the very best outcomes. To join lessons,


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 Length: variable

 Effort: 1-2 hours per week

 Subject: Islamic Fiqh

 Level: Introductory to Advanced

 Languages: Arabic, English




















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