ISLAMIC HISTORY (التاريخ الإسلامي)

Our Islamic historical past extends again for the reason that starting of instances with the story of creation, to the purpose when Prophet Adam (PBUH) descended to earth to the time when our beloved Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his companions established an Umaah primarily based on religion, equality and justice.

The historical past and origin of Islam signify an important constructing block of any Muslim’s schooling. An Islamic historical past course helps college students perceive why Islam appealed to such a fantastic number of folks, why the faith unfold rapidly, and why it facilitated among the most superior considering and discovery of its period.

Islamic historical pastand particularly Islamic historical past for youthsoffers context for modern questions on religion and management. By learning the function of the prophets, their sahabah, the caliphs and the sultans, Muslims can grow to be conversant in the boys, girls and even kids who’ve influenced their faith and tradition. In Western society, it’s typical for college kids to obtain little or no instruction on Islamic historical past previous to attending college lessons. This leaves each Muslim and non-Muslims with little greater than a passing understanding of the good civilizations constructed upon the holy cities of Mecca and Medina — and later Damascus, Cairo and Baghdad. Worse, it leaves Muslims with no deeper understanding of the good points and questions of their religion — such because of the Sunni-Shia schism or the secularization of the latest Islam.


The one prerequisite for the historical past and origin of Islam courses is {that a} scholar be not less than 5 years of age. Our instructors have thorough instructing expertise to assist direct studying in any respect ages and ranges — tailoring the message of Islamic historical past to every scholar.

Designed with students from Al-Azhar College, we provide a singular syllabus divided into 5 ranges that span the historical past of Islam — since creation to trendy instances. The syllabus focuses on quite a lot of subjects that can be designed to develop satisfaction and information about main Islamic figures and durations all through historical past. It incorporates teachings from the Quran and from hadith to higher clarify the context of Islam’s basis, progress, and maturity.


Learning goals:

The Story of Creation
Prophets of Islam
Prophet Muhammad
The Sahabas
The Rightly Guided Caliphs
Umayyad Caliphate
Abbasid Caliphate
The Crusades and the Mongols
Ottoman Caliphate
Modern Times

The trainer for this course, listed beneath, have an academic background in Islamic historical past, tradition, spiritual research and the Arabic language. This wealthy understanding helps to contextualize historic occasions with modern-day points or to determine main modifications as they arose throughout area and time.

By the conclusion of this course, our instructors will be capable to give college students the understanding they require to reply questions on how Islamic tradition has grown to turn into a world phenomenon; in regards to the historic relationship between Islamic nations and their neighbors; and about who performed the biggest roles within the growth of Muslim society.


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1-on-1 or in group lessons

 Length: 30 hrs (A, B and C)

 Effort: 1 hour per week (2 optional)

 Subject: History

 Level: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced

 Languages: Arabic, English























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