The Study Quran

The Study Quran

The Study Quran is necessary for everyone. It is hardly unusual. Even for a living legend like him, interpreting the entire Quran is a vast spiritual capacity. For devout Muslims, the Quran is not a book; it is a living reality. It is less like a Christian’s involvement with the New Testament, and more like her association with Christ himself.

Throughout that time, Prof Nasr had a heart surgery that nearly took his life.

That made him thinks about his decision. This intelligent burden cannot be carried by just anyone. With over 50 years of scholarly experience, this design was a spiritual responsibility for someone like him. He had to carry it before he returns to God.

Later, to the delight of the publisher, Prof Nasr changed his mind and took their offer. And after nine years of sacrifice and efforts, Prof Nasr and his team of scholars ultimately made their intellectual monument.

The first thing you notice about the Study Quran

When you first get the book, you will notice how thin the papers are. Often it takes me several seconds to carefully separate two sheets of pages. And as careful as you try to be, it’s almost difficult to avoid creases.

The Study Quran

While that bothered me at first, I have come to appreciate the publisher’s decision to exclude the Arabic text and utilize the thin-grade ‘bible papers’ (1). It provides more space for the explanations, and compresses such extensive data into a single book, instead of multiple volumes of books.

This tradeoff allows The Study Quran to retain its comprehensiveness while being more portable and affordable — a far more attractive deal for those who are not investigating the Quran professionally.

The beauty of its design and style

Beneath the blue book things, a golden geometric design decorates the front and back protection, an emblem of Islamic artistic culture. Each chapter begins with the ornamental calligraphy which means ‘In the Name of God, the Compassionate, and the Merciful’.

The Commentary is why you should own the Study Quran

The most surprising part of the book is its ecumenical Review. While it ensures that all 1.6 billion Muslims will find something they don’t like, it is invaluable for non-Muslims to understand how diverse the Islamic Worldview is.

After reading the review for a while, because of its cross-referencing feature, things start to get exceptionally fascinating: You begin by exploring the commentary of one verse. Then it takes you to another verse number of pages back. There, things become a bit clearer. So you read that passage a bit more, just to see where the thematic idea works. Moments later, your mind connects it with an entirely distinct idea from another verse you read yesterday, dozens of pages away.

While the Analysis alone is enough to deserve a place in your collection, The Study Quran also includes worth a work by themselves.